Standard terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung Birgit Gosch (as of May 2020) apply. We reproduce an English convenience translation below.

Dear Guests,
bevor Sie eines der Ferienhäuser oder Ferienwohnungen mieten, sollten Sie sich diese Zeilen aufmerksam durchlesen. Uns ist sehr daran gelegen, dass Sie einen gelungenen Urlaub bei uns verbringen werden, dennoch ist es in Deutschland unumgänglich, dass auch das Mieten eines Ferienhauses oder einer Ferienwohnung mittels eines Vertrages abgewickelt wird.
Wir haben uns bemüht, dafür klare rechtliche Regeln zu schaffen und uns an den “Großen” in der Vermietungsbranche orientiert. Versteckte Fußangeln finden Sie hier nicht. Wenn Fragen offen bleiben sollten, fragen Sie bitte einfach nach.

1. General notes
The Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung acts, where it is not the owner of the property to be rented, on behalf and at the expense of the landlord and brokers holiday homes and apartments. All services are included in a rental contract and are agreed between the guest and Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung.

2. Validity and duration of a rental contract
The contract is concluded as soon as the cottage or apartment is reserved and confirmed. For the booking we need to receive a deposit. The conclusion of the rental contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfill the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract. The rental contract begins on the day of arrival with the handing over of the keys and ends on the day of departure with the return of the keys. Deviating regulations are to be agreed with Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung.

3. Rights and obligations
Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung is obliged to provide the agreed services. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed rental price to Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung. Until the day of arrival, the guest is entitled to have a third party take over the rights and obligations of the travel contract. In this case the guest and the third party are jointly and severally liable for the travel price and the additional costs incurred by the third party. The Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung reserves the right to refuse this third party for important reasons.

4. Remedies
The Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung is obliged to pay compensation to the guest if the accommodation is not provided, if it cannot provide an equivalent replacement. If the accommodation is deficient in terms of the agreed services, the price is reduced for the duration of the deficiency. The liability of the proprietor is limited to double the price of the contractual service. Minor defects in the equipment or the failure of a device do not entitle the guest to a reduction.

5. Travel cancellation
The guest can withdraw from the contract at any time before the day of arrival. The Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung loses the right to the rental price, but in this case the following flat cancellation fee will be charged with immediate effect, taking into account the saved expenses:

• up to the 49th day before arrival: 15 % of the rental price, but at least EUR 50

• up to the 35th day before arrival: 30 % of the rental price
• up to the 21st day before arrival: 60 % of the rental price
• up to the 14th day before arrival: 90 % of the rental price
• otherwise 100% of the rental price

In the event of non-utilisation of the rental service, the holiday agency is obliged to rent the property out to another party as soon as possible in order to losses and to keep the damage as low as possible. In any event, Ostsee-Feriehausvermiteung is entitled to a processing fee of 50,- Euro. We recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance. Cancellations must be made in writing and should be addressed directly to Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung.

6. Terms of payment
Upon receipt of the written booking confirmation a deposit of 15% of the rental price, but at least EUR 50,- is due.  The remaining payment is made according to the travel contract. The payment can be made in the form of deposit / transfer to the account of Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung or as cash payment. Payment by credit card is not possible. The visitor's tax is to be paid on the day of arrival at the Tourist Service in Kalifornien or Schönberger Strand or at the Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung.

7. Deposit
At the time of booking a deposit of at least EUR 100,- is required. This is to be paid with the remaining rent according to the rental contract. A deposit of EUR 200,- will be charged for bookings during Christmas and New Year's Eve. The refund will be transferred back after the departure of the guest. A cash refund requires prior agreement.

8. Arrival
Our objects are usually cleaned on your arrival day and are available to you between 14:00 and 16 o'clock. The keys will be handed over at Osterwisch 2, 24217 Schönberg-Kalifornien or Lerchenweg 10 24217 Lerchenweg 10 24217 Schönberg-Kalifornien.

Departure and return of keys must take place between 9:30 and 10:00 am on the last day of your booking, depending on the accommodation.

9. Additional costs / additional services
The additional costs for gas, water and electricity are included in the rental price, unless otherwise stated in relation to the property and on the rental agreement. The additional costs for final cleaning are included in the rental price, unless otherwise agreed in the rental contract. The rented property must be left swept clean upon departure. If bed linen has not been booked separately, you must bring it yourself.

10. General obligations / house rules / liability of the tenant
The rental property may only be occupied up to the stated maximum number of persons, the setting up of tents, caravans or mobile homes on the property of the rental property is not permitted. All guests are obliged to follow the house rules which are available in each object. Objects that are damaged or lost during the stay must be replaced by the tenant. The tenant is obliged to immediately report all defects and damage that occur during the time he/she is staying in the rented property. The tenant is responsible for proving that no damage occurred during his rental period, that he or the persons accompanying him are not at fault.

There is no liability for the owner and for Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung Gosch towards the tenant and his property. The tenant is therefore responsible for his own insurance coverage during his stay.

Complaints regarding the state of cleaning must be made to the Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung immediately upon arrival and before moving in. If the tenant arrives outside office hours, he waives the right to complain about the cleaning. Complaints must generally be made in writing and must be reported immediately to the owner and Ostsee-Ferienhausvermietung Gosch. Complaints during and after departure will not be accepted. The tenant is obliged to treat the domicile with care and to leave it in a tidy and clean condition upon departure. If a dog / dogs or pet / pets are brought along, the tenant is obligated to remove the dog hair or pet hair and their legacies before departure, even if a final cleaning is booked or included in the rent.

The registering tenant is personally liable for all fellow travellers. Pets, especially dogs, may only be brought along if they are explicitly allowed in the rental object. Dogs and / or pets may not be left unattended alone in the objects. Furthermore, dogs and/or pets are not allowed in the bedroom beds. Even for properties where pets are not allowed, it cannot be guaranteed that there have never been any animals in the house. Please observe the smoking bans in the properties.

Neither the agent nor the owner can be held responsible for insects in the house or its surroundings. Neither the agent nor the house owner can be held responsible for construction noise or dust from neighbouring properties.

11. Customer feedback and opinions

The web portal of the provider gives the tenants of the respective properties the opportunity to write and publish reports and opinions about the holiday accommodation. The use of this function is subject to a separate guideline, which can be viewed before publication. The opinions expressed are publicly accessible. Landlords/tenants/users agree to the currently valid version of these guidelines. The decision on publication is exclusively reserved to the provider. There is no claim against the provider for publication, deletion or modification by the landlord/tenant/user, unless there are legal obligations to do so. In the process of providing a qualified assessment, these contributions may also contain critical content. The proprietor hereby expressly declares its agreement with this. However, the guidelines for the publication of expressions of opinion contain provisions that prohibit defamatory and non-objective evaluation standards and other unqualified content by the user.

12. Availability of the web portal/changes

The provider endeavours to ensure that the web portal is available without interruption. Nevertheless, temporary failures may occur, e.g. for maintenance reasons. The temporary failure of the web portal does not entitle the user to any claims against the provider. The provider is also entitled to change the functions and design of the web portal without this having any influence on the contract.

13. Place of jurisdiction
Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Plön.

14. Invalidity of individual provisions
The invalidity of individual provisions of the rental agreement does not result in the invalidity of the entire rental agreement.