Schönberger Strand

Extensive beaches, Brazil and California

Schönberger Strand at the outer fjord near Kiel - about 8km of white fine sand beach. Schönberger Strand and the neighbouring hamlets of Brasilien (Brazil) and Kalifornien (California) are small settlements behind the dike with a mixture of residential and holiday homes.

You will find many forms of recreation: relaxing in a traditional wicker beach chair, walks and hikes on the white sand beach or on the dike, extensive bicycle tours along the east coast, lunch at the fishermen's huts or coffee on the dike.

Life on the beach

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At Schönberger Strand offers plenty of space for diverse activities. If you like social contact, you will feel at home where there are small collections of beach chairs, but you will also find a cosy spot in the sand even if you don't rent your own beach chair. Elsewhere the beach chairs are scattered along the edge of the dunes. Large beach areas are also free of beach chairs. There is then so much space that one can play all sorts of ball games in fields that you can mark out yourself.

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You have to walk quite a few meters into the Baltic Sea before the water reaches belly button height. The little ones can play without fear in the shore area and the sand on the beach serves them as 'giant sandbox'. Of course there are also playgrounds and some playground equipment is even on the beach.

Extensive beach areas are surveyed by life guards during holiday periods.

There are also beach areas dedicated to specific activities. One segment allows dogs to romp around. And so you don't have to worry about kites falling from the sky: there are also a dedicated segment for kite lovers.

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The "Seebrücke" pier

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...leads 250 m out into the Baltic Sea and is often the centre of various events. The summer festival with the giant fireworks has been a particular highlight for some years now.

The pier is also the place where ships moor, such as the ferry or the excursion steamer 'Heikendorf' or from time to time a 'large sailing ship' on which you can book a several-hour trip and can also 'help out'. Sometimes a police boat, a boat of the coast guard, a rescue cruiser or a boat of the federal navy lies at the pier for some hours.

The Fishermens' Huts ("Fischerhütten")

... are known far beyond Schönberger Strand and are a real institution! They are located between the pier and Stakendorfer Strand

This is the place to buy smoked and fish dishes from the Baltic Sea from morning until late in the evening. Here you eat comfortably at garden tables and with a view of the Baltic Sea. Or collect your meal to eat it on the beach or in your residence.

During the main season Fischer Kruse - known to locals as 'HW' - also organizes many evening events.

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Sometimes you can see the smoke of a steam engine rising between bushes and trees. Then the museum train runs between Schönberger Strand and Schönberg.

Cycle and walking tracks run along this route and from there you are in 'close contact' with the panting monster and can wave to passengers from first class to wooden class in vintage carriages.

The museum train station with numerous historical trains is located in Schönberger Strand.

Restaurants und frische Brötchen

Schönberger Strand and surrounding villages offer versatile gastronomy, from the "Fischerhütten" at the beach to restaurant with the distinctive local ambience, such as the restaurant "Am Rathaus" and the "Hotel Stadt Kiel" in Schönberg.

Enjoy delicious food or a coffee on the outdoor terraces and with a view of the sea.

Fresh bread rolls are available at Schönberger Strand (in summer also on Sundays) in about 300 m distance from the apartments. In local shops and the local supermarket you find (in summer also on Sundays) all your daily needs.

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